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AAK PRO CONSULT 3 2019-07-01


A Great Concept, A Unique Approach...


Everyone should learn basic sales skills.  It’s not just about selling a product or a service, these very essential skills carry over into all aspects of life and are highly transferable when dealing with people with different personalities, cultures, backgrounds, and opinions. It doesn't matter what industry you're in , everyone would benefit from learning sales as they become emotionally more intelligent and socially more capable. Sales is one of the few skills sets that almost all successful people share. If you want to get ahead in life, or just get better at life you have to sell yourself and your skills every day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking for a promotion or trying to get your staff to adopt a new system or trying to convince friends and family to do something, the process is still technically a sale. The formula for sales is really simple: you’re offering to give to someone something in return for something else.

Learning sales properly will have a huge impact on your life. It will also makes you more confident. 

I’d recommend that everybody takes at least one sales training or experience sales in an environment that offers system based and conceptual sales training or coaching... Even if it’s not related to your career path, take some time to study and practice the art of selling. It will be one of the best investments you ever make. 

You’ll learn how to listen but also how to hear what is not said and become a great communicator

You’ll learn how to ask great questions and be in control when having conversations

You’ll learn how to deal with rejection, let go of things that do not matter or you cannot control and read between the lines 

You’ll learn how to manage yourself, inspire others and influence behavior change . 

You'll learn how to build trust and great relationships with people 

You'll learn how to make good decisions, think fast on your feet and be confident

The net result is inevitably a GREATER EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. 


Just like Sales, Everyone should learn about LEADERSHIP. It is also an essential skill in any professional sector but in life as well. 

LEADERSHIP is often mistaken for management or associated with big and loud personalities. 

History has clearly defined for us what is leadership and what it takes to lead successfully but the majority of people still think that it is a matter of pre-existing natural capacity. 

We have been studying the matter for many years and our take on it is that Leadership is a question of Mindsets, Attitudes, Ethics, Integrity and Behaviors. It is not about public speaking or managing big groups, it is first of all about Knowing who we are, what we want, where we are going and most importantly, Why. When this is right, we naturally get a following that buys into our "message" modeled by our most constant and perceived behaviors.

We have developed a leadership training program that was able to bring the best leadership behaviors out of people, whether they did or didn't previously identify themselves as such.



We put people first, by caring, by educating, by treating people right and running a Human centered culture. We care, so our People care

We are direct, transparent and deal with realities. We know where we stand when we are winning. We celebrate. When we are challenged, We adapt and find a way, we learn from our mistakes. Our obsession for personal growth makes our business a very naturally fulfilling and stimulating working environment totally aligned with what we need to become the best possible version of ourselves.

We do the right thing and we encourage to do the right thing as we don’t know a better long term sustainable strategy for success, emotional satisfaction and just feeling good about oneself when looking in the mirror.

We don’t focus on things, we focus on people

We build people and we develop leaders by seizing every opportunity... to give opportunity



Getting results consistently at a high level is not about luck, and cannot be attributed to external circumstances.


High performance is a decision to work to a particular system, with a particular skill-set and a particular Mindset. As long as we saty true to our system and have the maturity to stick to the process, we get results regardless if we are on the field selling for the first time or negociating big partnerships, the same rule apply ; FOLLOW THE RECIEPY , EAT THE PANCAKES.

AAK PRO CONSULT 3 2019-07-01
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